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Saturday, January 14, 2006

A Better Mouse Trap
By: Jessica Hite
An invention started years ago with one person’s idea. Maybe they decided they
needed a special tool for a certain project. These people were not usually geniuses.
Jaucourt tells us the first inventions comes from the more ‘’uncivilized’’ countries and
they have since then been improved for perfection.
He also enlightens us to how time must elapse before an object can become
successful. As for example; the windmill had to wait for geometry before it could
function. The telescope needed time elapse before it became profected. The idea came
from the thought of a rough diomond. Then the diamond was cut and as time allowed,
practice was the key to a successful cut stone.
Similar ideas such as glasses for wearing and mirrors for looking into were being
invented around the same century. Maybe this suggests that natural instinct of
humans evolving drove the thoughts of need for an object. The more modern we
become the more modern our projects will become.
We will keep improving the vary things that work successfully now, but may not be to
our satisfaction as time passes. Inventions all seemed to start ‘’rough cut’’ and
then people added to them. For example, Jaucourt talks about how a compass
grew from a cork and needle in the water to an instrument involving mathematics to
measure the degrees. This was not invented by one person and one person should not
get all the credit (that goes for all inventions perfected over centuries). Time is the tool
that helped put all the necessary minds and mechanics from that time period to
perfect an object like this.The ‘’old theories’’ mentioned in the article will title our
century in many years to come. Time will always allow for a ‘’better mouse trap’’.


Blogger Caroline Wagner said...

First of all, I really liked your title and the way you worked up to an explination of it toward the end of your essay. I also thought that you made a really good point when you said "The more modern we
become the more modern our projects will become." I think this might be an idea to elaborate on in the future.So, I guess that is my question: Do you really think this is true and why?

6:21 AM  

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