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Thursday, January 12, 2006


The main force which drives the invention of new tools and items making our lives easier, is the fact that problems often arise and must be confronted. It is necessary for an obstacle to be faced so that there is created a demand for the invention. If there exists no need for the invention, there will be a lacking demand and it will, in time, fall into obscurity.

Take for instances the compass. Not until mariners were hindered in their trade by the lack of a reliable navigation method was the compass invented and used to its fullest potential. If someone had discovered the use of the earth’s magnetic field at an earlier time when sea travel was not widely used and the predominate means of transportation was the use of land based roads, the need for it would have been next to nothing. It is much more convenient to guide ones self by using landmarks and maps.

In many cases it is not the level of genius that distinguishes the invention and leads it to the popularity of the public but rather the utility of it. For an example, how effective would have the windmill been if it was discovered by the inhabitants of a region where the constant force of the wind was lacking?

In conclusion, it is important for the success of an invention that certain aspects be present. Firstly, it is absolutely necessary that a need of sufficient size be at hand, and secondly, the time and place of the discovery is equally important.


Blogger heavnboundheifer said...

I think your essay started off really well. You definitely expressed your thesis early on. My only critique is that the ending was not as good as I believe it could have been. Your essay started off really well, so it also needs a strong finish. Other than that, nice job!

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