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Friday, January 13, 2006

Jaucourt's Encyclopedie (Prejudice)

According to Jaucourt's Encyclopedie prejudice is a misguided perception and wrong judgment of what is the true nature of things. It is a fruit of ignorance that is planted that is planted and grows to take the mind and its perceptions prisoner. It impedes understanding and shrouds the wisdom of offspring. Prejudice comes in many forms and may be birthed from many sources. Spreading like an epidemic infecting the minds of youth, it is taught in schools and religions. Even as it defies common sense and logic it is slothfully accepted. Its only opposition is maturity, reason, and men that dare to think differently than there peers. Mankind is easily trapped in its deception, for his mind constructs his own universe that he is the center of. Only allowing thoughts to that appeal to his vanity. Passing judgment carelessly and without to much contemplation, man concludes quickly and irresponsibly. Once prejudice is conceived it operates through many different means. It can use habit, customs, traditions, idol minds, propaganda, classical axioms, and human pride. From there it grows into superstition, corrupt perception, and marred facts. At this point it scares the minds of men and it may never die. Prejudice is much easier to prevent than to contain or extinguish. To prevent it from ever starting people must look at the world thorough pure eyes. They must not give in to these preconceived notions and judge irresponsibly. Everyone must inspire to think different and fine their own truths. Their search for truth must denounce ignorance and abstain lazy acceptance of untested ideas.


Blogger Heather Davis said...

Great work and good writting! What made you decide to write about predujice instead of invention?

8:45 AM  

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