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Sunday, January 15, 2006

Jaucous's Prejudice

I found this passage about “public, or conventional prejudices” to be especially interesting. Here Jaucous is saying that all people perceive things differently. Also, the meaning of the very words we use to express those perceptions differs for each individual. In this way we are all prejudice because we believe our understand of something to be correct, even though it differs from everyone else’s understanding. Jaucous uses fortune, virtue, and truth as examples of words with variable meanings. I can think of many others such as love, respect , and freedom. But are these not the same words and ideas that make language, and life, interesting as well as entertaining? I agree that when it comes to our languages, everything is subjective; we will never completely understand each other. I disagree with Jaucous when he suggests that we should do away with these complex ideas. At the end of the passage he states “We must wait until nature has formed all minds in same mold.” Without these words and ideas we would have no use for books or reading. We would already know exactly what someone else was thinking. Jaucuous may wish that everyone could think the same way, but I personally am grateful for the ability to think for myself, even if it means misunderstanding others.

It is especially interesting that Jaucous makes this point in his encyclopedia. If, as he says, “definitions convey neither the true idea of things nor the proper way of conceiving them,” then what is the point of trying to define things in an encyclopedia? There is this endless cycle of trying to explain ourselves and being misunderstood. If he thinks this is a bad thing, why not just quit trying?


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Your writing style is great to me. Your points where backed up with comments from the author.
I have no other crituque comments at this time besides what you did well in your response.

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