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Sunday, January 22, 2006

no grey please

No Grey Please !!!

The Houyhnhms society represents a society that has ideal citizens. They have

no idea of what “the area grey” is. The author uses an example that the

Houyhnhnms believe that people are bred up to be either “white or black” and

to all the rest are slaves. This way of living and thinking, in the white or black

area, is done by existing with all proper actions and there is nothing else. An

example is when Gulliver is talking to his master and he observes that; “among

the Houyhnhnms, the white, the sorrel, and the iron- grey, were not exactly

shaped as the bay, the dapple-grey, and the black; that was born without equal

talents of the mind, and have no capacity to improve them then they lie in the

area of grey or left as slaves. The Houyhnhms believe these countries that allow

such activites to be “unnatural” and “monstrous”. Gulliver had to hide his flaws

or ,“the things which were not”, from the rest of the clan to be accepted by in

their society. There is not even room for individual identity within

theHouyhnhms existence. They are not even given names by the author which

should suggest how lack there of, a human individual is.

The Houyhnhms do not even assign the meanings to words such as

friendship and love. They replace the parenting role with all day studies on how

to be with a proper “reason” way of thinking instead of nurturing the small

child with by all means a reasonable amount of educational practice. When a

Houyhnhm marries, he or she marries because of an appropriate mixture it

shall create, not because of love and passion. For they know not of what these

things are.

There is a disregard for human life amongst them also. When a child dies,

he or she is just replaced with another one from a stronger breed. This lack of

emotional feeling and incapacity to know anything other than a “rational” way

to exist is all but the flaws that our society indulges on. We go to war on the

smallest doubt of insecurity in our nation, but we can still feel the difference of

knowing the lack of peace of mind or not. If we did not possess these kinds of

irrational feelings then we would be in the same rejection of existence that the

Houyhnhms possess. I like feeling love even if it hurts sometimes. I even like

felling scared because I know I will only feel safe later. Our existence would lack

the things that it has in the irrational world of the Houyhnhms. Our life would be governed by what was preconsidered instead of choosing ones own destiny.

What would one feel they lacked or gained if there wasn’t anything there to

start with?

Gulliver realized in the end that “having family, friends, countrymen, and a

human race in general” was a pretty good thing after all. Living like a “Yahoo”

was an ideal way of life compared to not a way at all. There are certain things

that could make an idealized world better but taking them all out would take

all the fun and excitement out now wouldn’t it? Unfortunately things

sometimes will look like flaws in our society but maybe the end result of them

will enlighten us to a more rational way to accomplish things. A Houyhnhms

society would lack this balance of right and wrong and lack us the opportunity

to learn for ourselves what lingers in the irrational and rational smorgasbord

of what we call thinking.


Blogger Deborah said...

I like how you used quotes from the text, real life examples and your personal opinion to establish your argument that the Houyhnhnm society is not so utopic. The flow of your blog was great.

10:42 AM  

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