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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Prejudice: According to Jaucourt

According to Jaucourt, prejudice is a false judgment made by the mind about the nature of things after an insufficient exercise of the intellectual faculties, this unhappy fruit of ignorance thwarts the understanding, blinds and imprisons it.

That being said, I interpreted his definition of prejudice as a person always beliving that everything they think and believe is the right way and the only way. He states that graves hide the doctor's mistakes while those who recover publicize thier supposed cures. He thinks that is what has happened to science to make it be corrupted. My understanding of his example is that the doctors belive that what they are doing is right, but once their patient dies they want to hide their mistake so no one will know that their treatment was not right. If people know about their mistake they will know the doctor does not know everything, proving that he is not always right. He also stated that there are personal and temperamental prejudices. He explained how prejudices vary in mankind. A persons own prejudices are developed by the way they are raised and the type of culture they experience growing up. There are many different types of religions in which people are raised that makes them very different from others, therefore making their own prejudices completely different from others around them. Not that the others around them are wrong, they are only different.

Reading this article from the Encyclopedia was very enlightening. I never thought about predudice being anything different than that of treating someone badly because they aren't exactly like you. I may have, and probably did, completely misinterpreted everything that Jaucourt meant by this article but my entry is how I understood the passage.

~*~Heather Davis~*~


Blogger Ryan Lee said...

Good job on capturing Jaucourt's thoughts. Why didnt you write it in essay form?

8:38 AM  

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