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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Prejudice and how it operates


Prejudices according to Jaucourt are false beliefs a person holds because of ignorance, close-mindedness, etc. Prejudice continues because people refuse to question things they have been told; because it might be easier to believe another than it is to find the truth, or maybe things are fine just the way they are and the person does not feel a need to change anything.

Jaucourt refers to prejudices as a kind of infectious illness that yields to nothing but maturity and reason. Prejudices can be spread from one person to another just like a contagious disease, destroying people as it spreads, and the only ones able to stop this “disease” from spreading further are the mature and reasonable ones; people that can think through things on their own.

Jaucourt says that some prejudices are hereditary in people. A belief/superstition can be passed down from generation to generation for hundreds of years. Each person continues to yield to this belief because he/she does not want to “doubt” or “question” it, so he/she in turn passes the belief on to the next generation. As I was walking to class the other day, I overheard a comment that supports Jaucourt’s view of prejudice. Someone pointed out a classmate to a friend and said, “…that girl did a whole thesis on why gay people shouldn’t be allowed to marry, because it will help spread aids!” This girl was probably taught that gay is bad, so bad things come from it and that is all she will open her mind to hear on the subject.


Blogger Emily said...

Good job! I really thought you understood the article and portrayed your understanding well! I like your own input. I think myabe next time you could put more quotes or more examples from the article in your essay. Good Job!

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