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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Prejudice Is Nothing New

Though published in the first ever Encyclopedie, Jaucourt’s article on prejudice still rings true today. He throughly examines the powers and forms in which prejudice takes it’s place. In his article, he first identifies what prejudice is. He defines it as “false judgement made by the mind about the nature of things after an insignifcicant exercise of the intellectual facilities”. Simply stated, prejudice is an assumption made by an uninformed individual. Continuing his article, Jaucourt continues to specify the different levels of prejudice and describe them in detail. His first prejudice is what he calls “universal.” This definition is used to describe a prejudice that exists because of the fear of not knowing. Jaucourt states that a man “prefers to err rather than to doubt.”He goes on to say that there are “personal” prejudices. This described as being a prejudice of a first impression. The creator of this specific type of prejudice cannot be blamed on anything but the actual person being prejudice. Jaucourt writes that “a thousand prejudices are formed in the imagination...”Another prejudice that Jaucourt mentions is that which he calls “public.” These prejudices include the untrue assumptions and prejudgements of another culture. Jaucourt continues on to speak of other types of prejudices. He then tackles the age-old problem of standing up for a belief that is unpopular, such as a prejudice. He also notes that we love ourselves so much that it is so hard for us to admit that we are wrong, so we hold on to our prejudices. I thought this article was interesting because it is still very applicable in today’s world.

-Stephanie DeLuca


Blogger Maya H. said...

This blog was very well done. Stephanie did a good job by using quotes from the reading and using them towards her understanding of Prejudice. The only question that I might have is, why do you think prejudice is still around?

8:06 AM  

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