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Wednesday, January 11, 2006


In Jaucourt's "Prejudice", it states that false judgment made by the mind, which follows the insufficient exercise of cognitive abilities, distorts the process of understanding and comprehension. The lack of understanding, the lack of engaging one's self into critical thinking, is, according to Jaucourt, prejudice. When something is assumed to be true without the presence of supporting evidence and proof, it is known as an axiom. It is the axioms that lead minds astray. However, prejudice is not based entirely on false judgment. Jaucourt says that prejudice can also be caused from the preoccupation of the judgment. The preoccupation of the judgment stems "from the obscurity of ideas or the diversity of impressions derived from the disposition of the senses, or from the influence of the passions, always mobile and changing." In other words, what may be pleasing for someone is always assumed to be true and reasonable.
There are personal prejudices, which vary in mankind. There are public prejudices, in which "objects exist in one manner, we perceive them in another, and we describe them neither as they are, nor as we see them." Finally, there are prejudices of school, which are based on false principles of reasoning. Jaucourt states, "Each man constructs in his brain a small universe, of which he is the center, and around which revolve all the opinions..." Truth occasionally surfaces, yet it is not perceived in such a manner as to take hold of it. Prejudices are like all infectious and epidemic diseases, attacking people, and yielding to nothing but "maturity and reason." Jaucourt believes that if mankind would approach nature with pure eyes and uncorrupted sentiments, then man would rid himself of prejudices.


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Hola, como estas? Great job on wording your thoughts. I think you answered the questions posed to you very well. Just out of curiosity, what was your personal view on prejudice and the article in general?

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