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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Pride and Error

Jaucourt's view on prejudice is a very standard, but not. He has several versions of the of word, but none has a really concrete set. My favorite definition was the one when he says that prejudice is derived from the "self love". That is the only one that I can really see as being self satisfying. All the other definition do not relate to the current meaning of prejudice. Being from France in the 19th century, he probably didn't have a lot of experience with prejudice. Sure, maybe a few jews may of had experienced it but nothing major. Personnally, I think prejudice does derived from "self-love", but it is operated through hate and lack of knowledge which Jancourt does have in his Encyclopedie. You learn that through experience.

As for invention, time is of the essence. He makes a big deal over who invents something first. My favorite line was "The invention of the compass in the twelfth century is of the same order as the invention of printing, whether its use was first discovered by the mariner Goya, a native of Malfi, or by the English, or the French, or the Portuguese." This line proves that there was a huge patent problem back then so you had to invent something in time before someone else would stole.


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