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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Response To Prejudice

In the opinion of Jaucourt, Prejudice is a misunderstanding of the mind or false judgment. It is a type of infectious disease sent by something evil, which could mean Satan, to torment the earth. He refers to it as infectious because it seems to spread from mind to mind. Prejudice is not always promoted by ignorance, sometimes it comes from the mind having a willingness or desire to think wrong even when it knows what is right. The mind chooses error over being unsure of something. The mind is not perfect enough to display things the way they truly exist, it tends to distort it and leave something ugly. Prejudices control the mind and hold it captive.

There are various types of prejudices, the first I will visit is universal. Universal prejudices are common in society, present in the minds of majority of mankind. An example of universal prejudice that I think of is stereotyping. There are hereditary prejudices that occur in people of a common interest. They have created from desire a kind of justification of their prejudice. Prejudice is a disease of the mind that one or two may escape, but most people who have prejudices stay captive to it.

Jaucour speaks of a world that has many errors, where things are hidden, wrongs are covered up. These things have made human minds flee the path of truth and honesty forever. Personal prejudices change according to how a person may feel on any given day or how their attitude may be toward the person who is the recipient of the prejudice. Most people dare to think differently because they would face many obstacles to get their point across. Passion is a driving force of prejudice which feeds off of emotions that can deceive. Another incubator of prejudice is self-love, in which people seem to create a one man universe where all of their thoughts and beliefs are the only ones that matter and everything revolves around them. The truth that others exist and there is more than one way and belief presents itself but is quickly dismissed from their minds. Jaucourt believes that every human should rid themselves of prejudices and look at the world in a pure way and cherish any idea, thought, or difference nature offers.


Blogger diabolicalkoala said...

I beleive your' interpretation to be correct, especially the way you describe prejudice as "a one man universe". This statement conveys the idea well. As I am certain that prejudice in any form is a road block for advancement. An old chinese proverb that I myself am quite fond of states that "The usefulness of a cup is its' emptiness" this I find to be true because if one is so full of their own opinions or prejudices then how may they obtain any more ideas, and further more how could they possibly advance.

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