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Friday, January 13, 2006

Time Changes All

Throughout the years inventions have often been credited to one person: the inventor. I must admit that I have always held the same view, until I read “Invention” by Jaucourt. He put things into a new perspective that I never would have seen before. He focuses on time because he realized how important it is when something new is invented. One person may truly invent something new, but it is time that perfects that. Inventions are not about the genius behind the invention, it is about time and how different people shape the invention throughout the years. Each person contributes their own ideas, adding something that someone else may not have seen. Time is the key factor in how inventions are shaped and changed.
Jaucourt realized that anything new draws upon things that have existed for years. Windmills were around for years, but were never truly perfected until geometry was applied to it. Often times “new” inventions are just a new way of putting together old concepts. The wheel, for example, was invented centuries ago, but it is still being perfected. As time continues, new people think of new ways to contribute, improving the invention, whatever it may be. There are numerous other examples of inventions that have been perfected throughout the years. The clock is also an example of this. The very first watch was invented around 613 and it has changed drastically since then. Even today inventions are added to and taken from, shaping them and changing them. Time changes all things, and inventions are no exception.

Stephanie Bosarge


Blogger ccmdude said...

I think your review is really good and sums up Jaucourt’s article effectively. I especially like the way you give examples to illustrate what you are writing. The only negative thing I can think of to say is that I would have also put your ending statement at the beginning as a thesis statement. Other than that, it’s great.

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