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Thursday, January 12, 2006

Understanding of Prejudice

In Jaucourt’s, “Prejudice” he has a very set mined on how he views the matter of
“the false judgment made by the human mind”, (Encyclopedia pg.1). In his opinion
prejudices is something that every human being is born with. It is not something that you
choose to keep or rejectand live without. It follows you every where you go and it is with you at
all times. He mentions that it controls all human aspects about nature and its beuty. It is not something that
one should be proud off. It is something that can destroy a human and the aspiration to
view the world thru a clear view.

Jaucourt also points out that prejudice is very predominant. It takes over the
human brain and presuavies it to think a certain way. It is the judgment that we all carry
in us. Even though we should know better, that we as humans do not posses the ability o
judge each other, it is truly not our choice. To Jaucourt it is a misconception that we as
humans have to over come, in order to live a successful life.

He quotes “approach nature with the pure eyes and uncorrupted sentiments that a
modest virgin would inspire”, (Encyclopedia pg. 4). Jaucourt suggest that humankind
should approach life like a virgin, untouched and unharmed. Our minds should be
cleansed of any bad thoughts so that there will be a better connection with nature. It is his
believe then only then we are complete to approach life in a different light.


Blogger Stephanie DeLuca said...

The second paragraph is really well written. I am a little confused about the first paragraph, can you make it clearer?

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