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Wednesday, February 08, 2006

The Characteristics of Equiano

The narrative of Equiano is very interesting. Equiano as a little boy was taken from him home in which he lived with his family and was sent off to be a slave. As Equiano grew older, he was traded and sold to serve several different slave masters. The narrative of Equiano was so impacting and touching that all that read it will in some way or fashion be touched in one way or another.
Equiano possesses so many different characteristics. He is very modest. In the characteristic of being modest, he does not except that he is any way strong. He will not admit that it is his strengths that made him capable of doing something. Equiano has great belief in his faith. He always thanks god for what he is able to accomplish or he says it is simple luck that gave him the ability to do something. As a child Equiano believes in the spirits, he thinks that white men are devils and he believes his name was suppose to mean “favored by god”. But as he grows into his adult years, he no longer thinks or believes in the superstitious beliefs in which he did as a child. He still appreciates some of the beliefs in which he worshiped as a child, but now as an adult he thinks more of the Christianity beliefs. He always believes that some sort of fate is leading and guiding him in every path that he is taken to experience. Equiano is very smart in many aspects, but that too is something that he will not admit to having. Considering the circumstances in which Equiano grew up, he has learned a tremendous amount of things. Every master in which he served, he learned one or many things. He was a very eager to learn person, but once he held the knowledge he did not want to receive any acknowledgement for possessing the knowledge. Equiano has a strong desire to serve people. He is always seeking out to serve people and always wanting someone to need him to serve them. Even after Equiano had paid for his freedom, he still felt as if he needed to serve someone. Even after being held as a slave for most of his life, and Equiano finally being let free, he still looked for people to serve. What made it different from being held as a slave and choosing to serve someone was that Equiano had a peace of mind that he was able to make all of the decisions. He could choose who he wanted to serve and he was getting paid for it. The slavery itself was not what Equiano was against, he was more against the fact of the brutal treatment that some masters practiced on their slaves. Many masters believed in beating, starving, and treating their slaves as if they were inhumane. Considering all that Equiano experienced in his life, he is a very strong, courageous, compassionate, and mind set person. The characteristic of Equiano is very easily admired.


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