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Monday, March 06, 2006

Frankenstein the Novel

During the time Frankenstien was written and published, was the time the world was on the brink of an industrial revolution. The only thing I can think of that would cause anxieties in the people is the fact that at this time the employee would be at the mercy of the employers and industrialization would bring new people in your surroundings. I really can't tie the story to idea of industrialization, so I will discuss a couple of things that I got from the novel. I don't believe that the monster's true feelings for Victor was expressed during the novel. Did the monster in spite of all of the anger and resentment he held inside himself for his creator, really care for and respect his creator. If Victor would have stayed in the apartment and not ran from the monster in the beginning of the novel would any of Victor's friens and family have been murdered. I believe that the rage the monster had was driven by nothing more than the monster being lost and unloved. If Victor would have accepted the monster into his life and family, he would have been able to feel the acceptance he needed. When a child is born, if it is abandoned, it will grow up hating its parents. Children still no matter what has been done to them they have a source of connection to where they came from. Victor always believes that the monster was brilliant at manipulating people. This was nothing more than a misunderstanding. Everytime the monster would smile at him he took it as a smile of mischeivious behaivior and evil thoughts. The monster seemed to feel that he wouldn't be satisfied until Victor had nothing like he felt he had nothing. The part of the novel that helps readers to see that the monster did care for his creator is when at the end of the novel, he is sobbing over the death of Victor. While he looked down at his creator laying there with no life in his body, he regrets everything he has done to his creator and is full of remorse. He then decides that he must die also. This is truly a tragedy. If only a few choices were made differently the lives of William, Justine, Henry, Elizabeh, Alphonse, Victor and the monster could have been spared. This novel was put together very well by Mary Shelley. At times you could figure out what was about to happen next in the text, but it still wass an interesting story. Maybe Mary Shelley wrote some of the story from her own life experiences. Mary's personal life was full of scandel and betrayel, and so was this story. The family in Frankenstien and Mary Shelley's family's are similar. Caroline in the story was being raised by her father, so was the young Mary Shelley. Another similarity was that Mary Shelley's father took in Mary's mother's other daughter. In the story Victor's father took in his sister's daughter Elizabeth and raised her as his own. Maybe in a strange way Mary Shelley could relate to the novel that she created. All of the charaters can be related in some way to her life and the people in it.


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